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Monarch Theatre prides itself on producing 

professional-quality theatre with young adults.


The skills learned while involved with play production translate directly to the job market: flexibility, creativity, time-management, project completion, people skills, and confidence. But with the economy being what it is and budget cuts being our reality, Monarch Theatre can't do it alone.

 Monarch Theatre relies on 85% of their budget from Ads, Donations, and Ticket Sales. 


Producing a full-length play costs between $2000-$3000 and a musical costs between $4000-$6000. 

Where Does Your Donation Go?

$5= a tub of hair gel

$14= 8  paint brushes

$40= a full sheet of 1/4" luan

$35= a can of paint

$40= 10  8' 2x4s

$50= 5 lbs of 3" drywall screws

$70= full sheet of 3/4" plywood

$75=performance rights for a single night of a play

$250=performance rights for a single night of a musical

Program Ads 

Ads are for a 5.5” x 8.5” page.


Full page- $60

Half Page- $40

Business Card- $25

One Liner- $10

(e.g. Break a Leg, Jane! We love you! Mom & Dad)

Donation Levels

PLATINUM I $1000 I 20 comp. tickets​

GOLD I $600-$999 I 10 comp. tickets​

SILVER I $200-$599 I 6 comp. tickets​

PRODUCER I $100-$199 I 4 comp. tickets​

DIRECTOR I $50-$99 I 2 comp. tickets

AGENT I $25-$49

PATRON I $10-$24

Donations are tax-deductible.

Donations at PRODUCER level and above have names engraved on Donor Plaques, though you can remain Anonymous, if desired.

Ads and Donations need to be sent to Monarch Theatre three (3) weeks prior to a show's opening to ensure inclusion in the program.


Contact Nora Weisz at with your ad copy.

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