Virtual Learning

This is going to be a new experience for all of us and we need to approach it with grace and a growth mindset. Theatre has been around since the beginning of humans and we will still be here after this pandemic is over. Theatre is such a deep topic that there is plenty to jump into--even virtually.


This District is moving towards using Schoology to create a one-stop-shop for all the student, parent, and staff needs. Schoology will streamline homework submissions, works with many educational apps, connects directly to Infinite Campus for grades, and allows for easy communication with students and parents with staff. It is a new system for all of us and we may have some hiccups along the way as we all learn how to use this powerful, new system.

Here are some resources to help:

Course Expectations
Tech Syllabus 2020.png
Theatre Syllabus 2020 (1).png


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I believe that when a student is LEARNING a new skill that they should not be penalized, so I will be focusing on the Projects that show skill application. I use a Proficiency Rubric for grading.

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"Failure is the first step to success.

Every mistake teaches you something."

It is my goal is for all students to become proficient at the skills being taught which means they may fail before they succeed. If a student receives a 1 or a 2, they can revise their work to achieve a 3.