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 Audition Information 2021-22

The goal of Monarch Theatre's season is to provide a variety of opportunities for student growth. To that end, every other year, the fall play is a classic choice (Shakespeare or something written before the early 20th century) and Monarch Theatre balances the season with a mixture of drama and comedy. The Thespian Directed shows frequently are One Acts to provide more directing and acting opportunities for students.


Additionally, there are in class One Acts for each Beginning Theatre class that are performed during the school day, a children's touring show performed by the Production Workshop class, Semester Showcases that are open to all acting students, and additional Production Workshop studio productions that explore different genres of theatre each semester.

Monarch Theatre's Verbatim/Devised Plays

During our virtual learning time, we will be exploring devised theatre which means works that are created by the group itself around some topic chosen by the group.

The sources for the play will be gained through interviews with community members and the production's ensemble will be responsible for interviews, character creation, editing, and polishing the original piece.

There will BE NO AUDITION needed to be involved in the devised work BUT there will need to be COMMITMENT to the work that will be involved and the PASSION for hidden voices to be heard.

It is the hope of Monarch Theatre that there will be a devised piece every quarter. There is a Production Class (7th) that will be taking on the devised model for the First Quarter and Second Quarter will be open to the entire school as an extracurricular activity. 

Monarch Theatre Rehearsal Calendar

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