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Theatre 1-8 is an introductory/intermediate class of Theatre--design, production, and performance. Some specific skills you may learn are pantomime, improvisation, scene analysis, oral interpretation, playwrighting, acting, audition techniques, design elements, theatre history, stage combat, as well as other technical areas of study. 


All performances are only within the classroom and this is an excellent first step if you are interested in acting or just improving your public speaking skills. This class fulfills the UC system's A-G requirements as a Fine Art and adheres to both California State Standards and the National Common Core Standards for Theatre Arts.


This class can be taken for four years and has optional opportunities for after-school activities.



The purpose of Technical Theatre 1-8 is to learn about Design and the Art of Stagecraft. This is a physical class that will engage all parts of your mind and body. Tool use is required and passing safety tests is mandatory. Areas of study include construction, costuming, lighting, props, painting techniques, and scenic design. 


This class can be taken for four years and has the possibility for an after-school component working tech for the main stage productions.


This course is only open to students based on approval of instructor. 


The Theatre Production Workshop class is a conservatory class where acting techniques are explored and deepened. The class will focus on scene study and analysis, production design and implementation, as well as voice and movement techniques. 


Performance techniques and building one's portfolio will be a focus and each semester.

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