2021-2022 Season

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     If you are interested in being in a performance, please go to the AUDITION page.
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    Fall Play

    21, 22, 23
    27, 28, 29
    Continuum tales.png

    Winter Play

    20, 21, 22
    26, 28, 29

    Spring Musical

    5, 6, 7
    12, 13, 14

    MVHS Parent Teacher Association helps not only the Theatre department, but the entire school. Please join!

    In The News



    National Youth Arts-Theatre Awards 2020

    Monarch Theatre is so very proud of Thomas Wilcox (Pony Boy) for his win as Lead Performer in a Play in The Outsiders and to Madison Burdette (Cherry) and Olesia Winbush (Dallas) for their nominations as Supporting Performers in a Play in The Outsiders.

    2021-22 Year

    Currently, the plan is to have students on campus 5 days a week with masks.


    Monarch Theatre has planned a full production schedule. Our Fall production will be outside in the front of the Theatre. We ask that the audience stay masked even though it is outside because the actors will be unmasked while on "stage."

    It is the aim of Monarch Theatre to help bring back a sense of community and connection for all students at Monte Vista.

     Monarch Theatre believes that theatre is the key to regaining social skills and will be focusing on SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) as well as the "soft skills" that help make one successful such as communication, flexibility, collaboration, and problem-solving.

    Research shows that attending live theatre improves empathy, changes attitudes, and leads to pro-social behavior.

    Did you know that at Monarch Theatre...
    • You can earn a Varsity Letter in Theatre.

    • We have five class periods of Theatre each day! Periods 2 and 5 are Tech Theatre, periods 4 and 6 are Acting, and 7th period is the Theatre Production Workshop.

    • You can earn Honor cords for graduation for participation in International Thespian Society.

    • That we have the same sound and light boards as professional theatres, so you are career/college ready.

    • We are a San Diego Distinguished Technical Theatre program.