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Interested in Joining Theatre?

Contact Ms. Weisz at or stop by Rm 13 under the Main Office.

In The News

Meet Ms. Nora Weisz!

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Ms. Weisz is a recent graduate of Xavier University in Ohio and has a degree in Theatre Education. She apprenticed with the Ensemble Theatre in Cincinnati and is a Music Teacher as well. She is very excited to be the new captain of the Monarch Theatre ship!

Ms. Benitez is thrilled to welcome Ms. Weisz to Monarch Theatre and pass the baton of the Event Center into her capable hands.

After 27 years at Monte Vista, Ms. Benitez has moved to Granite Hills High to head up their Theatre Dept.  Ms. Benitez cherished her years at Monte Vista and the Little Theatre, but a new era has arrived.

Up Next

Fall Auditions for the Comedy

Mutually Assured Destruction: 10 Plays About Brothers and Sisters 
by Don Zolidis
Mid to Late August--See Ms. Weisz for details


It is the aim of Monarch Theatre to help bring a sense of community and connection for all students at Monte Vista.

 Monarch Theatre believes that theatre is the key to regaining social skills and will be focusing on SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) as well as the life skills that help make one successful such as communication, flexibility, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Research shows that attending live theatre improves empathy, changes attitudes, and leads to pro-social behavior.

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